MailChimp, you should improve it

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MailChimp is one of my preferred tools. I send many campaigns every month and this is the best tool I have fond to smartly do this.

Although Mailchimp provides many great functions in order to respond to each usage, there is always some limitations and I have decided to write this article in order to describe some of these:

– Store address to send test email

When I send a campaign, I tested this many times to improve and check content and design. I work with a team which wants to see my campaigns before sending because everybody wish to correct and validate these. This workflow requires to send each test to my entire test-list. Could it be possible to have a feature to store an email-list which the tests will be sent?


– Send a campaign to multiple lists

My second point is the need to send one campaign to multiple lists. The segments are useful, but they don’t cover all my usages. Replicate my campaigns is not a good solution because I must check my campaign a new time and my reports are not summarised. I am sure to be able to spend my time to useful things, others to replicate my campaigns.


– Create a real template for mobile campaign

The feature which provides the possibility to send campaign in mobile format is great. But … limit the templating to remove css from the full design is so much light to send well mobile campaigns. I think that a strong templating system similar to advanced rss campaign could be a better solution.


– French translation for subscriber forms

Since the first time I used MailChimp. I had not been able to understand why the automatic translation of the forms was provided only for the half part of these. The part of the forms which are dedicated to integrate the forms on my own website are not translated. The only elements to translate on these forms would be «required» mention and «subscribe» button, but it should be nice to do this!


– Show new openers and new clickers in reports

When I send a campaign, my report shows me the analytics of one campaign without comparing this to an older campaign. The ability to show new openers and new clickers could provide some information about traffic acquisitions. No needs to explain how useful this feature could be…


– Ability to group stats by list to see performance growth

The last point deals with the precedent. The improvement of my newsletters needs a real monitoring of the key performance reports. Google analytics provides full features to compare time periods. Although the approach of the real time analytics for a website is different from monitoring one-shot email campaign, I think the need to compare data is real in both cases.




I want to say that MailChimp is the best mass-mailing management tool that I have used over the times. And I know my improvement suggestions are few thing regarding the power and the quality of MailChimp. But you must consider that it is in the details of the features that we can appreciate the quality of a great web app! Long life to MailChimp!

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