Pixel Caster

Pixel Caster is a brand new project including software and hardware development. With my partner, we have built a small VESA hardware box which provides to broadcasters the capability to output NDI signal directly on HDMI input monitors like general consumer LCD TVs. You could see it as a passive NDI to HDMI convertor, but it’s not passive because, although it works perfectly out of the box, you have many options that you can configure (source, fallback wallpaper, output screen resolution, and much more). This project is in development for a first release in the first quarter of 2020.



Quick preview of upcoming features:

  • NDI feeds input on Ethernet
  • Output on one or two HDMI 1080P ports
  • Realtime web dashboard manager
  • Still image output fallback when NDI source is lost
  • Upcoming API to manage Pixel Caster remotely
  • Many more features to be released…




Dashboard indicators

Th web manager can be accessed by any modern desktop or mobile browser. The Pixel Caster and the controller have to be on the same network to work together. The realtime dashboard provides these key indicators:

  • CPU (%)
  • CPU (°C)
  • GPU (%)
  • GPU (°C)
  • RAM (MB)
  • SWAP (MB)
  • Ethernet I/O (MB)
  • NDI source name
  • NDI source IP

And on configuration page, you have a realtime analysis about NDI source format.


Management options

Options you will be able to manage:

  • NDI source
  • Pre made output resolutions
  • Custom screen resolution (width, height, frequency, interlacing)
  • Disable HDMI output (powersave)
  • Restart decoding engine
  • Take a screenshot of the HDMI output
  • Wallpaper
  • Reboot hardware
  • Shutdown hardware


Building of a studio including Pixel Caster technology at NRJ radio


Stay in touch

If you want to have more informations or to be informed about the product availability, please fill the form bellow.


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1 janvier 2020

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