Projets actuels

I a web developper, producing web platforms for my own projects and for my customers too. For some of these projects, I work on building platform and on yearly assistance too.

Personnal projects :

  • simonjanvier.com : website
  • Netflix News : website
  • Whatlisten : website
  • Picaster.io : website
  • Feedcaster.io : website
  • PXL Caster : NewTek’s NDI display broadcast class embedded appliance


Customer’s projects :

  • Blog de Roland JANVIER : website
  • GNDA : website
  • Eloely : website
  • Modeles Hama : website
  • Tout en papier : website
  • Gestion des questions en direct sur la plateforme e-direct.tv (Drupal 7 including real time management engine)


Olds projects

During my career, I had the luck to work with many people on various project. I have worked for mainstream news websites, healthcare businesses and e-commerce, but this list is not exhaustive. This is a short list of website I have worked on :

  • Mail-Studio: website
  • Destination Santé: website
  • Outil de design des emails pour Destination Santé (Wysiwyg on Drupal 7)
  • Tonemove (e-commerce website, selling headphones and accessories, onsite and on world marketplaces like Amazon and eBay)
  • L.E.N. Médical – Corporate: website
  • Cardiologie Pratique: website
  • Dermatologie Pratique: website
  • Neurologie Pratique: website
  • Pédiatrie Pratique: website
  • Gynécologie Pratique: website
  • OPA Pratique: website
  • Diabétologie Pratique: website
  • e-Direct TV: website
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