A plugin to connect Bloom with The Newsletter plugin on WordPress

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I love everything Elegant Theme is doing. The blog on which you are reading this post runs Divi as theme and my highest traffic website, netflix-news.com is running Extra theme. This is why I have naturally looked at plugins that Elegant Theme is providing. I have found a plugin called Bloom which is providing many possibilities to convert visitors as email contacts (popup, inline, and so many more).
And in order to send mass mailing to the collected addresses, I needed a WordPress plugin. I have used for a couple of years MailChimp to post automatic posts updates but using RSS campaigns is a headache for customizing. This is why I have decided to go ahead for a better integration of newsletters building into WordPress. I have tried MailPoet and some other plugins but my choice has arrested on The Newsletter Plugin. It is easy to setup and free of cost to start sending. Furthermore, I will maybe buy advanced plugins and setup a smtp like Amazon SES (62 000 first emails sent are free).
After selecting all these nice tools, I have discovered that they have not been built to talk together!


The newsletter plugin Bloom

Intégration into Bloom

I have tried to build a hand made HTML form but triggers where not working properly in popup context… Without any other solution at this time, I decided to build a connector to make bloom talk with Newsletter plugin. Here is a quick list of the features that you will find in this first release:

  • Bloom can authorize access to Newsletter plugin list of contact
  • Existing contacts segmentation lists are available in Bloom
  • Select different lists for each Bloom forms
  • Totally free !


At this time, there is no support for custom fields but I can add this feature on request.
You can find the first release of Bloom extension for newsletter on Github. It will be available on WordPress plugin store later.

Please comment this post or fill Github issue if you have questions on installation or using.

4 Commentaires

  1. John Rolwin

    Thank You, I am going to try this. Please, upload it to WordPress repository officially.

    • Simon JANVIER

      It’s in my todo list but upload process is not really easy to succeed…

      Please let me know if it’s working for you 😉

  2. David

    This works fantastic!! Just what I needed. I installed the plugin and activated it and then in the Bloom Opt in creation the « Newsletter » option appeared. I selected it and then just created my Bloom form like normal. Worked great! Thank you so much.

    • Simon JANVIER

      It’s perfect if it works as designed 😉

      Very happy to have helped !

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