Connecteur Bloom et Newsletter

When I selected Bloom and Newsletter plugins to manage contact inbound and mass mailing sending, I did not thought that they did not be able to work together. This is why I have decided to extend Bloom in order to connect her generated forms to Newsletter contact lists.

I was a bit hard to do because Bloom did not provided api documentation and I had to make some reverse engineering by analyzing other plugins source code. After a while, I have been able to build a first iteration of this new plugin. For now, I have not had enough time to submit it to wordpress plugin repository but it is in my todo list !

If this plugin could help you to succeed into Bloom and Newsletter integration, you can download it on my Github page : Github.

In this plugin, you will find the following features :

  • Works fully with WordPress 5.3 and greater, Bloom 1.3 and greater, Newsletter 6.4 and greater
  • Registers Newsletter into Bloom email providers list
  • Works with or without Newsletter custom lists configured
  • Lists Newsletter custom lists into Bloom
  • Lets you choose different lists for separate forms (unlimited forms number)
  • Works only when Newsletter and Bloom have been fully installed and activated


I plan to create Zappier and IFTT plugins for Bloom, please let me know in comments if you could be interested.


Bloom Newsletter plugin


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14 janvier 2020